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Thursday, June 01, 2006

How annoying can it be? I couldn't access my first blog, no matter what I did! When I tried to enter the site my user name and password were already in the access box on the home page for me to 'click' on but when I did so I wasn't recognised and nothing I did would get me in to write more or to add word verification or any of those things that bloggers want to do.

So I've started all over - this won't beat me!

I had a very nice evening yesterday. I went to a book reading, something I seldom do. It took place at Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street and if you love books, then this is the place to go! It is primarily a travel books expert but that is quite a wide ranging heading and besides, they have all sort of books for all sorts of tastes and ages. The shop has three floors, one in the basement and galleries above the main floor - just like you'd imagine the library in a stately home.

The author was Stuart McLean, who tells stories about the Vinyl Cafe owner Dave and his family. These are funny, sometimes sad, tales with so much of real life in them that quite often it's what isn't said that gets you laughing, the long pauses as your brain races to the conclusion before the author voices the words - wonderful timing, excellent stuff.

There were about 100 people to listen to this Canadian DJ, who has a Sunday programme playing music and tellling the tales, who can be heard on or, as in my case, on BBC7 just performing his stories in front of a live audience.

Afterwards, having done the thing of buying both the author's volumes and also a comprehensive guide to Bermuda (!), more of that another time, I went across the road to a turkish/moroccan type cafe which was very busy and ate my meal chatting to two people who also had Daunt's bags on the table. One lady was an actress who had mostly worked abroad - is that the new euphamism for resting these days?

Came home to solitary confinement as Rob was working in Plymouth and staying over but ended up chatting till 4 a.m. with Bruce Kalver in Michigan or some such US city (only three hours from NY, he tells me, so no excuse for not dropping by when we go to lecture in NY!)

Enough now - need to eat as sugar level was only 3.5 an hour a


Blogger Brian Sibley said...

Dont let the bloggers grind you down!

Welcome back to Blogsville!

Better luck this time! :)

4:06 pm  

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