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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Two posts in 24 hours - unheard of!

But Brian has sent me the letter C so that I can join in his latest game: I have to list ten likes and dislikes.


CHOCOLATE!! Dark chocolate and Cadburys' too.... Green and Blacks, Bournville, Fruit and Nut - oh and Easter Eggs, hollow ones. Elena handmade Belgian chocolates - the ones with the fresh whipped cream in the middle or the orange peel dipped in lush bitter chocolate. Buttons, excuse me taking Brian's friend in vain (but that's where Buttons got his name!) - I love buttons; and Rolos; and Flakes and...

don't like white chocolate though...

OK - enough now, got it?

The programme of course - the name of which makes my friends in the US just fall about laughing... but I've been hooked since episode one and it's the only thing i go out of my way to record and watch avidly. I've never got into Holby City or Scrubs or any of the other hospital based stories, just Casualty and I don't really know why. I tried E.R. for the first three series but lost interest, yet I've stuck with my favourite through floods, bombs, fires and that was just the building. There have obviously been all manner of accidents coming through their doors and I can never cease to admire the way the doctors and nurses get so involved in the patients' lives - finding lost relatives, mending broken hearts - something I really don't believe happens in real life. But ever since I was hooked on the Sue Barton Nursing books as a small child this kind of thing thrills me - as long as I don't have to watch the gory bits and everything ends happily.

COMPUTERS Yes, I know I'm always moaning as iPhoto gets jammed yet again. And I still can't put a heading on this before I start blogging as it freezes my browser and I have to start again. Yet I love my computer and the way it has opened up the world, bringing friends from overseas into my home on a virtual basis. It means I can skype my closest mates who have moved to Bermuda and Spain, catch up with cousins in Canada (yes that's a C word too) and make new friends on the magic lists who I can talk to and swap files of music and film with. Most of all I love the fact I can write stuff and it's there without me having to search desperately only to find I can't read back what I've written in my dreadful scrawl. Knowledge, shopping, wriitng and friendship - these are a few of my favourite computer things!

COCO POPS This is my preferred cereal and I start every day with 30 gms of these. I measure them out ever since I discovered that this amount was the same as having slightly more of a more sensible cereal. It means I can have my favourite and still feel good about having an amount that fits the weightwatchers diet - not that I'm losing weight on it, maybe because this is the only thing I weigh!

Maybe this list is turning into things people don't know about me!

CLOTHES I love clothes, not washing and ironing them obviously but the buying of them and the wearing of them and the sheer owning of them. I can't afford expensive ones but that doesn't matter; sometimes it's more fun to find a bargain. I was brought up with loads of clothes, my dad was a designer and had his own factory and then had a market stall. His mum, my grandma, made me new dresses every week and my mother's dad, a tailor, made me coats and tailored suits from a very young age. So I had new stuff all the time. I rarely bought anything as a teenager, mostly boots and shoes and undies, the odd jumper too. My dad used to go to buy stock for the stall and mum and I would deplete it thoroughly on a Friday night when he came home with the new styles. I am not one for wearing classic expensive items over and over again; I need new things all the time and no matter if they are only fit for one season - just bring on the next! The only time I own better stuff is when I go to look at the new arrivals and earmark something to watch when the sales arrive; if it's still there, at a greatly reduced price, then I can buy it knowing I have a bargain. That's the way to do it!


CHEESE - Yes, I know I'm strange but I hate the taste of it in any form or flavour or breed. I hate cheese with a vengeance!

COFFEE - I really hate coffee and anything flavoured with it! As a child I used to have a cup of coffee on every Birthday in the hope that being a year older would mean that I'd acquired the stature for this adult drink of choice - but I never did!

CATS - cant' help it. I'm a dog lover but cats? How can you love a creature that jumps on your lap and then digs spikes into your legs to keep its balance? I find that anti-social indeed. My best friend got a kitten, which I think I'm going to meet on Sunday, and telephone conversations went like this:

"Hi it's me! How are you? Ow, ow, ow,ow!'
Is that animal hurting you?' 'No, he's really sweet and so tiny - ow, ow, ow, ow!'
'Is he digging his claws into you?' 'They aren't real claws he's only a baby - ow, ow, ow, ow!'

I rest my case!

CREEPIE-CRAWLIES - All of them. I have a fear of spiders and worms and a revulsion for anythiing that crawls on the ground. I'm tolerant of flying things such as wasps, daddy-long-legs (which I can pick up and 'save' others from), moths but if it doesn't have wings it has no business being within two miles of me. I can hold snakes though, they don't bother me at all.

CHEATS - I dislike people who cheat in any form. I dislike hearing about those cowboy builders and plumbers who do old people out of money. I dislike people who get past me in a queue or get served first in a restaurant if I've been there a while before they arrived. I dislike people who get awards which are unjustified, leaving behind others who should've been honoured years ago (you know who you are!)

Well there are five likes and five dislikes starting with the letter C - I'm not sure if ten likes and dislikes meant that or ten of each but I'm publishing these so far and if Brian says it has to be five more of each then watch out for The Sequel...


Blogger The Phoenix Bird said...

I don't like cats either.

Throw a stick for a dog and he happily brings it back, throw a stick for a cat and he'll look at you with disgust then go tear up all your furnature.....

4:06 pm  
Blogger Diva of Deception said...

So true phoenix, so very true! Went to visit a close friend of mine on Sunday and her new furniture in her new home is already shredded - by her new cat!

Thanks for reading my blog.

7:54 pm  
Blogger Brian Sibley said...

It was 10 of each and I so enjoyed the first five that I'd happily enjoy another instalment!!

11:40 am  
Blogger David Weeks said...

"I dislike people who get awards which are unjustified, leaving behind others who should've been honoured years ago (you know who you are!)"

What if the recipient of the award has no say or influence in the matter but simply gets the award "thrust upon them"? as it were.

11:06 pm  

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