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Sunday, June 29, 2008


I can do it! Thanks to Rob actually stopping as he passed by my computer (behind him in the office!) and a few wise words from him I can now 'play' and post videos from YouTube on my blogs!

So - back to the tagging...

I think that the original tagger had a different idea to the one which Brian has picked up and run with but I'm following Brian's lead and going for songs I love best because I'm not really a music person particularly.

The added complication is that the ones I've been listening to currently are the ones for the wedding! And I don't want to reveal those until the day; so...

I agree with Brian that 'When you Wish upon a Star' is fantastic and am I the only person who cried when it played at the Disneyland, California, castle even though the edifice was totally under scaffolding at the time? I know people usually cry when they hear it and see the castle - but scaffolding??? The music of Mary Poppins, all of it from the Disney version, is absolutely amazing. However my greatest piece is 'Feed the Birds' but it has to be this version with Julie Andrews singing her heart out - tears every time.

In no particular order I follow this with a double whammy; I was looking for a Danny Kaye piece, a song called Bloop Bleep, and I fell upon this with two of my heroes as Louis Armstrong duets here. I know the song is hackneyed but I love the the mimicry, the word playand the scatting that they do towards the end :

I love the Soweto Gospel Choir, have always loved that type of music, and have found this clip of their rehearsal for the Live Earth Concert. You can still feel the magic, in spite of their 'day clothes' and the conductor is so immersed in his work, it's just electric:

Well - this has been a road of discovery for me! I didn't realise... I have always enjoyed gospel music, voice without instruments rather than instruments without voice. I found the above bits to represent this and thought 'Well, I've got a gospel choir - how about some Jewish prayer music?' And that was when realisation hit me! I was brought up to go to synagogue every week, Hebrew classes three times a week and that's not counting High Holy Days - all the music I heard was there, without instruments and that included the folk songs too. So that is what has formed my tastes, isn't it? And I never knew!

This performance is of particular relevance to me. All my young life I grew up supporting Russian Jews who were totally oppressed and struggled to maintain a Jewish identity and lifestyle whilst facing removal to Siberia and other places with labour camps. It is a pleasure to bring you the enlightenment of that nation with the Moscow Jewish Male Voice Choir singing a song entitled 'An Evening of Roses', not religious, just pretty:

And to continue the religious theme that seems to have started here - one of my favourite 'sing along' songs is the final one from 'Sister Act'. It's just so 'feel-good'!

And what about the religion of Monty Python - and Life of Brian?

But I digress... what am I listening to at the moment? Having read an interesting interview with Ting Tings I have got hooked on their brand of pop with 'That's Not My Name':

So there are my offerings - seven songs to complete my tagging and at two of them will cheer me up rather than make me emotional. Now if there is a psychologist out there maybe he or she can interpret my inner self from the above? It would probably make interesting reading!

I now have to tag people - not sure how to do that - but I'm tagging David Weeks, Mark Lee, Kenny Campbell, John van der Put and Bruce Kalver!


Blogger LisaH said...

Great selection, Diva. Particularly enjoyed the Soweto Gospel Choir and I've never heard a better version of Erev Shel Shoshanim.
So,thanks to you and to Brian for tagging you.

11:33 pm  
Blogger Brian Sibley said...

I really enjoyed the two choirs (and of course Mary Poppins) but the real gem is Louis and Danny Kaye tearing the place apart! Fantastic!!

4:12 pm  
Blogger Mark Lee (founder of the Tax Advice Network) said...

I'm flattered to be tagged Mandy. Thanks for that.
Thanks too for including that great clip of Danny Kaye. My mum was a bog fan and I am too. I don't think I've ever seen that piece before - it's fabulous. Thanks for the memories!

11:34 am  
Blogger Diva of Deception said...

Glad you liked that clip too. My dad absolutely loved Danny Kaye and I have the programmes from the London Palladium when he went to see Danny there live. I bet that was just wonderful...

12:12 pm  

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