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The Diva of Deception, Mandy Davis, is a professional close up magician and balloon modeller working for the corporate market as well as banquets, dinners, receptions, weddings, bar/batmitzvahs, private parties etc. As a member of The Magic Circle, she is chairman of the Young Magicians Club and editor of their coveted glossy magic magazine. Mandy is also a member of Equity.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Gosh - I didn't realise! I haven't blogged at all this year! I can't believe it! From now on I'm going to try and blog once a week at least.

So much is happening this year too....

Already we've spent a couple of days in Nairn, just outside Inverness in Scotland.

Our friends Maggie and Robert, who used to live very nearby, have now moved up there and nagged us to visit - so we did. We had a great time.

The company was excellent and the food was amazing too;

We had a meal with them at Boath House which was very upmarket and different - some courses served on black granite tiles instead of plates.

A funny moment was a chance meeting with a seagull in Inverness - do they all dance like this?

At the end of last year and the beginning of this I won my first ever magic award. It was the Zodiac Magical Society Challenge Cup and works on challenging the holder to a category of the challenger's choice. I won it and then retained it - but lost it again last week; I wasn't sorry to do so as I had been happy to win it twice, to show it wasn't a fluke!

Now, at the end of this month, we are going to New England for Rob to do a lecture tour. We will only be away for ten days as Rob's brother Pete is getting married two days after we come home but it will be really great fun - it's all been arranged by Bruce Kalver, the incoming Society of American Magicians President whose lecture tour we arranged here in October last.

Then I'm back in the US in July - to attend the International Convention when Bruce will be inaugurated and I'll be going with fellow female magician Kerry Scorah so it's going to be fantastic fun! I'll try to keep a diary so I can blog when I get back.

Meanwhile - there's the Bristol Day of Magic in May with the other magician I'm in love with (Rob is No. 1 of course) coming over from Nashville. So there's plenty to write about soon.


Blogger Brian Sibley said...

Welcome back to the blog-scene and congratulations on winning the cup. I hope you had a celebratory drink of your favourite tipple (diet coke) out of it before handing it back...? If not, well, next time! :-)

11:24 am  
Blogger Brian Sibley said...

Well, your week's up! Where's the next blog?? And don't tell me you haven't got any NEWS because I know better!

11:57 pm  
Blogger Diva of Deception said...

You are quite right about having NEWS!

However before I can publish that I have to publish Tuesday's blog and I wasn't able to do so as I couldn't get photos added to it for some strange reason....

I'll try again - and if I'm successful this time then NEWS will follow

12:36 am  

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