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Mandy Davis - Diva of Deception - is a professional close up magician working for banquets, dinners, receptions, weddings, bar/batmitzvahs, private parties etc. A member of The Inner Magic Circle, she serves on their ruling Council and currently holds several posts. . Mandy is also a member of Equity and twice honoured with the Society of American Magicians' Presidential Citation.

Friday, July 28, 2006


It all started with a phone call from a fellow member of The Magic Circle suggesting lunch with us the following day. We meet up at a pub/restaurant near to his home every couple of months and yesterday was a chance to get together before he flew out to Majorca for his annual summer jaunt.

I'd been out the week before and bought some new lightweight summer tops so decided to wear one for our meeting. I felt reasonably smart, as one always does in new clothes and, although there was a brief downpour soon after we arrived, we were happy to sit out in the garden under a large gazebo and chat our way through the afternoon.

It was about two hours after we arrived that the two guys on the table behind Rob got up to leave. One of them came across to me and bent down to speak low and slow into my ear.

"I thought I ought to say something, hope you don't mind..." he began. And I turned to look at him, thinking he was going to explain that he had seen me performing somewhere recently and had enjoyed my work.

Instead he continued:"I think you ought to know that you still have a hanging ticket on the back of your tee shirt!"

Oh the HORROR of it! I thanked him and grabbed behind me to pull away the offending item.

What made it all the more horrific was that printed large so that the entire garden area and passersby could see, was the following: XL £4....


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