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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Light Relief?

I am awaiting the electrician.

He is due in an hour. He came yesterday at 11.30 to put up three light fittings, one in the kitchen (three spotlights on a base), one over the dining table (complete with fan) and one in the bathroom. He told us this would be a forty-five minute job......

The kitchen one was put up fairly quickly - but when the current was reconnected it didn't work.... six attempts later and it worked! Thank goodness for that.

The fan one took quite a while to put in place; well, it had two sets of wires, one to operate the bulbs and one for the fan itself. An hour passed and finally it was there - but not working... the electricity was switched off again, some more fiddling on high, switched on and nothing again and again and again and again. At last we had lift-off. Well not quite - because only three of the rotary arms fitted, the final two having such tightly attached screws that nothing could be done today without yet another screwdriver - which was left back home....

Just the bathroom one now - the easiest one of all I was told. Really? No.

The bathroom light was a pain because it is two flights up from the mains switch so all the fiddling was accompanied by electrician running downstairs to flick the switch, then running upstairs to find it didn't work so back down to put it off to carry on with the fiddling.

It works now - well sort of; if you want to go into the guest room you have to switch the bathroom light on first as the former won't work independently.

So I am awaiting the electrician.

He is due in an hour.


Blogger Brian Sibley said...

"'Twas on a Tuesday morning that the electrician came..."


Still, remember what Flanders and Swann said (or sang):

"It all makes work for the working man to do!"

8:00 am  

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